Medieval Treasures from the Digital.Bodleian

Medieval Treasures from the Digital.Bodleian

Last month, the Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford officially launched their Digital.Bodleian online resource, which allows users to view, download and share over 100,000 images going back to the Middle Ages. These include the Gough Map, the oldest map of Great Britain, images of Victorian board games, and even a collection of 20th century political posters.

“Digital.Bodleian will bring together the riches of the Bodleian’s digitization programme over the last 20 years and will allow people to discover our unique collections through a single, innovative interface,” said Lucie Burgess, Associate Director for Digital Libraries at the Bodleian Libraries. “It’s a dynamic project so the site will continue to grow as we add 1.5 million images from previous digitization projects, and from digital projects going forwards.”

Click here to visit the Digital.Bodleian

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