Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume IV Issue 4

Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume IV Issue 4

The newest issue of Medieval Warfare hits the magazine shelves on July 31st. The theme for this issue is The Burgundian Wars (1474-1477)

Articles on The Burgundian Wars include:

  • Jean-Claude Brunner, ‘Historical introduction – Je lay emprins’.
  • Gabriele Esposito, ‘Tactical organization and structure – Forming the Burgundian lance’.
  • Robert Holmes, ‘Swiss forces of the Burgundian Wars – “The first true infantry”‘.
  • Gareth Williams, ‘Charles the Bold and the Siege of Neuss – Fools rush in’.
  • Matthew Beazley, ‘Burgundian blunder at Concise – The Battle of Grandson’.
  • Sidney Dean, ‘End game for Charles the Bold – The Battle of Nancy’.
  • Jean-Claude Brunner, ‘Documenting the participants – Bernese at Morat’.

Other Features in this issue include:

  • Gareth Williams, ‘Countering the armoured opponent – The mace’.
  • Gregory Liebau, ‘Legendary duels of Ywain and Tristan – An epic legacy’.
  • Ray Cavanaugh, ‘The wild times of Egil Skallagrímsson – Shakespeare of slaughter’.

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