Tuscan village on sale on Ebay for 2.5 million euros

Tuscan village on sale on Ebay for 2.5 million euros

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A medieval village, set in the Tuscan hills of Italy among castles and monasteries, can be yours for €2.5 million. Pratariccia, which is situated about 25 miles east of Florence, has now been put on sale through ebay, the popular online shopping website.

The village consists of 25 homes and eight hectares of land. The village has been abandoned for over fifty years, so many of the buildings are in a ruined state and electricity lines would need to be established. Also, no roads exist that lead to the village.

Local estate agent Carlo Magni said in an interview, “It’s a stupendous location, 40km from Florence, with hermits still living in the nearby hermitage of Camaldoli and all the castles you’ll ever need, dating from when Siena and Arezzo fought over the area.”

The current owners of the property are said to be a monastic order, who have been trying to sell the land for several years, and hoped that by listing it on eBay it would get more attention. Magni added, “I posted the advert two weeks ago and I’ve had lots of calls about it and I’m hoping to get some viewings arranged over the next few days. I think it has potential as a private hotel or luxury spa and that’s what one of the potential buyers wanted to do but it fell through.”

Luca Santini, mayor of the nearby town of Stia, told the Daily Telegraph, “It’s a wonderful hamlet with beautiful views across the Tuscan countryside but it could do with some work. Some of the houses have collapsed and others are on the verge of collapse and there is some work to be done. If someone with the money to spare invested in the village and rebuilt it they would have a fantastic development and it would generate work for the local economy. Putting the hamlet on the internet is the best way to get publicity so hopefully it will sell quickly.”

This is not the only medieval Italian village for sale. .

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